Meet Ever

While I sit here waiting for the Secret World to download for my second attempt at liking it, thought I’d post a screenshot of my latest 60 in Neverwinter.  My trickster rogue!  She is great fun and plays exactly how a rogue should.  Meet Ever Grey…ImageThe helm is Valindra’s Crown which I got for doing a review for OnRPG of Neverwinter along with a chest of physical goodies. My favourite being the art book and the chest itself. 

Bring on the ranger Cryptic. I am more than ready.



Troggs! It had to be Troggs!

Last night was game night with the Tuesday Knights where I am currently running a Warcraft campaign.

In attendance we had the usual suspects: Kevin our dwarven hunter (Tikka Minefinder), Simon our other dwarf called Honrid (There is debate over whether he has a surname)., Pete our fire mage (Panril Darkeyes), Tim the Paladin (Tomloc Starlight) and Rachel our hostess (and Tim’s wife). Missing was Clare our druid healer. She is somewhere in Darnassus doing elf things. In actuality, she just had a baby so is doing baby stuff.

After the usual witty banter and pizza, game play got under way. Our group thus far has somehow managed to incur the wrath of one Lady Katrana Prestor (they assume). Obviously I am not giving too much away here as they may read this.  They are most recently returning from Kalimdor where they were sent on a fool’s errand and had several attempts made on their lives.  Here they also found out they had some sort of curse on them and have now been sent back to Eastern Kingdoms to make their way to Dalaran to consult someone in the know.

Game play started last night towards the end of their sea voyage where they found themselves travelling with the Darkmoon Faire.  A goblin knife thrower by the name of Glyx Coppernut, during an evening of drinking and merriment, pulls out a wanted poster with their likenesses. They have, apparently, committed “crimes against the crown”. The goblin assures them he can help get them through Stormwind safely by relieving them of all their gold and disguising them as faire members. Tikka was a bearded lady, Panril  became Madame Stinkeye, Tomloc a clown and Honrid a horse’s ass.

They managed to get to the Dwarven district in Stormwind but naturally there were guards blocking their escape to Ironforge. After some haggling, Tikka managed to get Glyx to create a diversion so they could slip through into the tram tunnel. Very few can resist the dancing female night elf:

In Ironforge, while sitting in a inn near Tinker Town, they encounter Tikka’s cousin Graine who informs them that “shadowy folk” have been asking after them. After brief visits to their mothers where they are given supplies, Tikka and Honrid meet up with Panril and Tomloc outside of Ironforge (when they heard the news of shadowy folk they decided to leave Ironforge as soon as possible).

Tikka has the brilliant idea of finding riding rams. He knows of a ranch close by that may have a few they can purchase.  As youngsters, Tikka and Honrid tried to steal one. when they arrive at the ranch the owner thinks he recognises them but lets it go. After some haggling and falling off rams (Panril), they set off.

After a time, they find a dying dwarf in the road. He is the owner of the quarry and mine nearby. His mine has been overran by troggs.  He will pay the party half of what is in his lockbox (about 5k gp) if they can clear the mine of troggs and deal with the seemingly insane dwarven foreman.

Twenty six dead troggs later, they have their cash while Honrid has a new blunderbuss, and Panril has four rings. You’d think he share but he is being cautious about the magic he senses on them.

They have helped the owner of the mine back to the ranch where they will rest tonight before their journey into the unknown resumes.

LoTRO Burglar

Quite a while ago, when I first played LoTRO (before Mines of Moria) I tried a burglar. Obviously. Yet, I didn’t like it. And I have rarely met a thief archetype I didn’t like.  Since I have recently come back to LoTRO while waiting for the Neverwinter update and Wildstar, I thought I would try the burglar again.  I have decided I don’t really like it and I know why. It is slow. Very slow. Stealth is painfully slow and upon research it doesn’t look like it will get faster any time soon.  It seems the only way to get a faster stealth is through a class ability in the Gambler set called leaf walker.  From what I understand it takes a while to get.  

Not sure I can spend many levels with stealth as slow as it is. I don’t have the patience for it.   Rogues, thieves and assassins should be quick and deadly. As it is, the LoTRO burglar is more bumbling than fleet footed. 


Think I will give it a miss (again) and continue to play my ranger until mid August when Neverwinter should have a new class for me to play.

The best mount. Ever.

Ian and I have been waiting for a couple things to happen in August. While waiting we’ve been playing Rift again. Because of this I have discovered the best mount ever in a game. Well, in my not so humble opinion.

Meet the nebulizer (not its official name. That would be Nebula). WoW’s sparkle pony has nothing on the nebulizer.

You can’t tell from the photos but this mount constantly changes colours depending on angle. The stars and things that the mount is made of move throughout the horse. It is really easy to get lost in your horse’s butt on long rides watching all the sparklies and colours.  Maybe it is just me.

I should point out that this is a store bought mount and as far as I know can’t be got by any other means.