Meet Ever

While I sit here waiting for the Secret World to download for my second attempt at liking it, thought I’d post a screenshot of my latest 60 in Neverwinter.  My trickster rogue!  She is great fun and plays exactly how a rogue should.  Meet Ever Grey…ImageThe helm is Valindra’s Crown which I got for doing a review for OnRPG of Neverwinter along with a chest of physical goodies. My favourite being the art book and the chest itself. 

Bring on the ranger Cryptic. I am more than ready.



Thieves and Tarts

Welcome to Thieves and Tarts, the new blogging venture by long time gaming buddies Ian and Meredith (formerly of She Kills Monsters).

Here we will discuss our thoughts on the many games we play both together and separately.

Stay tuned.