LoTRO Burglar

Quite a while ago, when I first played LoTRO (before Mines of Moria) I tried a burglar. Obviously. Yet, I didn’t like it. And I have rarely met a thief archetype I didn’t like.  Since I have recently come back to LoTRO while waiting for the Neverwinter update and Wildstar, I thought I would try the burglar again.  I have decided I don’t really like it and I know why. It is slow. Very slow. Stealth is painfully slow and upon research it doesn’t look like it will get faster any time soon.  It seems the only way to get a faster stealth is through a class ability in the Gambler set called leaf walker.  From what I understand it takes a while to get.  

Not sure I can spend many levels with stealth as slow as it is. I don’t have the patience for it.   Rogues, thieves and assassins should be quick and deadly. As it is, the LoTRO burglar is more bumbling than fleet footed. 


Think I will give it a miss (again) and continue to play my ranger until mid August when Neverwinter should have a new class for me to play.